community policing


Topic Summary:

1. Summarize the three eras of policing (political, reform, and community). Identify and briefly discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each era. Respond in no less than 300 words.


2. What were the primary findings and recommendations of the Wickersham Commission? What changes resulted from these recommendations? How did the work of O.W. Wilson, August Vollmer, and J. Edgar Hoover further reform policing in this era? Respond in no less than 250 words.


3.List and discuss the problems with the professional model of policing that arose in the 1960s. Include in your discussion how these problems contributed to the development of COPPS. Respond in no less than 300 words.


4.Outline the main principles of the COPPS model.

Executive Decision:

5.Imagine you are the chief of a police department in a mid-sized city. In no less than 150 words, discuss ways in which the goals of homeland security can be accomplished through or assisted by community police.

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