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Communications Plan and Presentation

 In Developing Communications Policy, you developed a communications policy that mapped the type of communications messages for a specific audience at a company. In this assignment, you will go a step further and create a communications plan for your selected company. Refer to your work in Developing Communications Policy


For the same company you selected in Developing Communications Policy , create a complete Communications Plan with an accompanying PowerPoint presentation for key stakeholder group(s). The Communications Plan should focus on a specific project or initiative to be implemented or event to be managed. The plan should describe the specific project to be implemented including the business problem or purpose, the specific objectives of the project, and the key stakeholder groups and their role in the initiative.


The Communications Plan for this initiative should include the following:


  • Goals and Objectives of the Communication Plan
  • Key Messages
  • Audience(s)
  • Media and Tools
  • Specific Tactics (describe the implementation)
  • Schedule/Timelines
  • Legal or ethical Issues
  • Monitoring/Control Strategy (during implementation)
  • Communications Strategy (to include communication of financial as well as ethical or value-based implications to various stakeholders)
  • Outcome Evaluation, including contribution to the mission of the organization

The following Web site can be used as a reference for the document to be created:

Apply APA standards to citation of sources.


Complete this assignment in two parts:


  • Create an 8–10-page report in Word format covering the points mentioned above. 
  • Develop a 10–12-slide PowerPoint presentation summarizing the key concepts and salient points of the plan. 
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body preview (1 words)


file1.doc preview (2333 words)

xxxxxxx xxxxx COMMUNICATION xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx PLAN xxx PAGE xx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx

xxxxxxxxxxxxx Plan for xxx Hope xxxxxxx






Communication xxxx xxx xxx xxxx Center

xxxxxx xxxxx training on effective xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Date: 15th xxxxxxxxx xxxxx


Hope xxxxxx is x xxxxxxxxxxxxxx center that xxxx as x xxxxxxxxx for xxxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxx xx xxxxxxxxx ranging from alcohol, xxxxxxxxx xxx xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxx Hope Center xx xxxxxxx xx Leafy Gardens, xxxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxxxxx xx ensuring that our patients xxx the best xxxx xxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxx intervention xxxx will xxxxx them to xxxxxx their normal lives xxx be xxxxxx xxxxxxx xx the xxxxxxx that xxx contribute xxxxxxxxxx towards xxx xxxxxxxx Through xxxxxxxxx staff xxx therapists, xx aim at giving xxx best xxxxxxxxx to xxx patients xxxx xx both respectful xxx relevant xx their xxxxxxxxxx The xxxxxxx target xx to xxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx and minimize pain xx xxxx xx xxxxxxxxx Hope xxxxxx offers x xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx xx the patients xx well xx peaceful coexistence xxxxx xxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx guardians, the society xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

xxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx of the xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx

The xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxx here xx xxxxx xx xxx fact that

- - - more text follows - - -

file2.pptx preview (2427 words)

Communication Plan xxx the Hope Center

Name: Professor: Course: Date:



Bio of the Hope Center Purpose Mission Vision Demography

Hope xxxxxx is a rehabilitation center xxxx acts xx x sanctuary for patients of xxx xxxxx of addiction ranging xxxx xxxxxxxx substance and sex xxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxx xxxx Center xx located in Leafy Gardens, xxxxxxxx xx are dedicated xx ensuring xxxx our patients get the best xxxx xxxxxxxx xxx efficient xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxx xxxxx xxxx to xxxxxx their normal lives and be xxxxxx xxxxxxx xx the society that xxx contribute positively xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx Through dedicated xxxxx and xxxxxxxxxxx xx aim xx xxxxxx xxx best xxxxxxxxx to our xxxxxxxx that xx both xxxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxx to their condition. The primary xxxxxx xx xx eliminate the xxxxxxxxx xxx minimize xxxx xx xxxx as possible. Hope xxxxxx xxxxxx x xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxx recuperation and wholeness xx xxx xxxxxxxx xx xxxx xx peaceful coexistence among the staff, xxxxxxxxx partners,

- - - more text follows - - -

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