Interpersonal Communication Midterm-Due this Saturday at 11PM EST


Answer each question with 1-2 full paragraphs incorporating as much of our new course content as you can- Lectures must be used.


Question #1

We have defined self disclosure as purposefully providing information about yourself to others that they would not learn if you didn't tell them.

Why is self disclosure so hard for many people?


Question #2 

If self concept starts with an infant in a crib- how important are our early interactions with children?


Question# 3

Imagine you are non-verbally playing the role of a good listener during a conversation with a co-worker- describe how you communicate interest without saying a word.



We have said that all relationships of any dept have conflict.

What do you think about this?


Question #5

Choose one new concept from the course that is of value to you in "real life".  Tell me why you chose it.

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