Communication and Mass Media - 26 hours


I am looking for someone who is experienced in communications to help with this paper. 

I have included the criteria for the paper and an annotated bibliography that also needs to be incorporated into the paper


Write a 1,700- to 2,100-word paper, using previous assignments, in which you identify and discuss the effects of mass media messages on society.

Demonstrate how mass media may influence or create an effect in the public by choosing select methods for distributing certain messages.

Determine if there is an unethical influence on the public.

Describe the historical and contemporary roles of electronic and digital media in society.

Explain how technological transitions shape electronic and digital media.

Analyze the influence of digital technology on electronic and digital media.

Evaluate current communication conditions and suggest ways for strategic improvement using techniques you have learned from readings and class.

Select two sources 

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.


I would also like to include attitude effects on media, for example, family interraction(or lack of) and the effect is has on teens and mass media (social media) 





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