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For example: if you have a music blog, you might look at an interview of the lead singer of a popular band. Locate a video interview online and respond to the video in a post to your blog as a critique.Write the blog as a commentary on presenting the subject adequately or correctly given the video profile. Do you agree or disagree with the portrayal- be specific in outlining why according to the following questions.

What evidence is there that the interview was well conducted?

What evidence is there that the interviewer needed to do more research?

Is there a clear angle/ theme?

How is the subject presented (refer to lecture)?

Is the video (visual and audio) engaging?

Weigh in on composition.

*In APA format, include internal citations in the text of the blog post any time you quote, summarize, or paraphrase- reference ideas from the video profile you are critiquing.

*Include a full citation for the video in APA format with the url.

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