COMM/218 Week 2 Informative Presentation

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Create a 5- to 6-minute informative presentation that demonstrates or explains how to do an information technology task, such as:

  • Creating a file directory tree
  • Creating a secure password
  • Another skill you feel is helpful and interesting related to computers, PCs, or smart devices

Include a PC or another prop as a visual aid. Do not create be a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation. The presentation must be delivered extemporaneously from a brief outline.

Deliver your presentation.

  • For Local Campus, deliver a 5-to 6- minute oral presentation accompanied by your prop or use the Online campus method with instructor approval.
  • For Online Campus, deliver a 5-to 6- minute podcast, movie clip, or other audio file. You may submit your link copied and pasted to a Microsoft®Word® document or as directed by your instructor. If you use an audio-only format, submit a Microsoft® PowerPoint® file containing images taken while you give the presentation with your prop. No text or diagrams can be included.

Provide feedback to your classmates by filling out an Individual Presentation Evaluation Form for each presentation as directed by your instructor. Your instructor may assign an evaluation for each class member, by team, or in small-groups. Complete each subheading where applicable. Your instructor will provide feedback for this week’s presentation on the following subheadings:

  • Audience and Topic
  • Delivery: Voice and Body Language
  • Week Two
  • Overall Evaluation

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    COMM/218 Week 2 Informative Presentation

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