Review the steps of the communication model in Ch. 1 of Business Communication Essentials (See Figure 1.3).

Identify one personal or business communication scenario to describe each step of the communication process.

Complete the Communications Process worksheet.

Compose a 700-word response detailing the paragraphs in the boxes provided.

  • Discuss how mobile technology is changing the practice of business communication.
  • Define ethical communication.
  • Explain how the widespread use of social media has increased the attention given to the issue of transparency.
  • Give an example of how mobile communication can be used to in a business setting. 

Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines.


the steps

keeping technology in perspective: dont let technology overwhelm the communication process.

using tools productively: mobile apps pocketcollects content you'd like to read or view later and syncs it across your mobile devices.

guarding against information overload: everyone has an important role to play reducing infomration overload 

reconnecting with people frequently: no matter how much technology is involved communication will always be about people connecting with people.

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