1) Which of the following would NOT be related to a discourse community in a factory?


2) Which of the following is NOT a gatekeeper?


3) Tara Houser e-mails a colleague Dan Brothers to suggest that he be the lead writer in preparing a comprehensive business plan for the company. The task will be rather time-consuming. Tara tells Dan that “the president will certainly be impressed with whoever heads up this project”, which is persuasive because


4) An oral message is preferable to a written one when you want to:


5) If a document will be a detailed guide or if it contains instructions, you must do all of the following EXCEPT


6) Which audience has political, social, or economic power; pays close attention to the transaction between you and the primary audience; and may base future actions on its evaluation of your message?


7) A written business request is answered positively and promptly on the first try. This is an example of a high level of:


8) Which of the following is NOT a reason to use e-mail?


9) Good writing costs companies money, and those costs increase significantly if the communication is ineffective. Which of the following pairs would NOT be two additional costs to the company if written communication is poor?


10) Which of the following is an ethically sound practice when communicating a business message?


11) Which one of the following is NOT an internal audience of an organization?


12) Which of the following audiences would receive an internal document?


13) Your roommate is always complaining about how much work she has to do and how far behind she is. Com 285 final exam, This is really starting to bother you. You secretly think that things would be a lot better for her if she spent more time studying and less time complaining. Which of the following would be the BEST response when she next tells you how much work she has to do?


14) Which is an effective response when a co-worker tells you about a problem she is experiencing?


15) Your subordinates tell you that a project will not be completed on time because they are behind schedule. Which of the following is the best response?


16) It can be helpful for managers working overseas to have a basic understanding of the religion observed by workers in that company because:


17) Business communication practices in the United States place importance on the written word, and this indicates that our culture:


18) Which of the following would be the MOST useful strategy for learning to communicate effectively with international employees working in your overseas divisions?


19) Positive roles and actions of individuals that help the group achieve its task goals include:


20) The success of which phase determines how well the group’s decision will be implemented?


21) The informational dimension of group interaction looks at:


22) Which of the following sentences that begin a letter is appropriate for contemporary business communication?


23) Which of the following will help make your business writing easy to read?


24) Which of the following sentences would be appropriate toward the beginning of a professional business report?


25) Lauren has confirmed flight information, printed directions from the Internet, and spoken with the Human Resources Department to clarify specific details. She will include this information in a letter to a job candidate she is inviting for an interview. Com/285 week 5 final exam, What part of the writing process does this activity represent?


26) Which of the following would NOT be considered a planning activity when writing a report?


27) Which of the following would be an example of editing a written document?


28) Which of the following would be the BEST place to put your most important visual in a newsletter?


29) A business plan is divided into two primary sections. On the page just before each of these sections begins, there is a page with the name of the section in large font. In addition, each primary section includes several sub-sections. Com285 final. These are indicated within the report by centered headings just before each sub-section begins. This is an example of which of Communications Professor Charles Kostelnick’s levels of communication design?


30) Which is a sound recommendation for creating a professional business document?


31) Which would NOT be a consideration when choosing a medium for a superior delivering bad news to subordinates?


32) Is "I am sure that you will agree with our decision" appropriate in a letter to a client in which you refuse a request?


33) Which of the following would be the BEST way to refuse a customer's request?


34) Which of the following is a negative subject line?


35) Which of the followings sentences would NOT be considered a buffer at the beginning of a bad-news letter to a new customer who will ultimately be denied a line of credit?


36) In a bad-news memo to subordinates, you should open with:


37) Which of the following should NOT be included in a bad-news memo to your superior?


38) In a bad-news message to a superior, you should describe what led to the problem:


39) In a bad-news message to subordinates, why is it a good idea to ask readers to suggest

solutions to the problem?


40) You must explain to a group of employees the different pension funds they can now choose. You expect the group to have many questions because many of them will be retiring within ten years and want to maximize their retirement income. You should probably:


41) A presentation designed to entertain and validate the audience is a(n):


42) Which of the following is an informative presentation?


43) In a comparison-contrast report, it is best to:


44) Which type of data is MOST appropriate for the appendix of a report rather than the body?


45) You are writing a report that recommends renovation projects in several buildings on your campus. The most appropriate organizational pattern would be:



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