cluster computing


Paper for Proff.Venawells

Develop and submit a project plan including implementation steps for the configuration and


implementation of a cluster computing solution to support a mission critical application.


In a project of 4–5 pages, complete the following:


Using the Small Group Discussion Board, summarize the mission critical application (i.e. e-mail, Web,


or database services) and the cluster computing model to be implemented. The group's submission


should highlight the following:


• How the model that you have selected will minimize downtime and increase performance.


Your discussion should include hardware to be used and the implementation strategy you


will follow to reduce the single points of failure.



◦ Identify storage connectivity types (Fiber or Ethernet).


◦ Will your implementation leverage shared storage?


How have you configured each node to mitigate your risk of having a single point


of failure (multiple NIC, HBA cards, internal HD, etc.)?



◦ Are your node located in same data center, multiple cities etc., and why?


• Create a diagram of your cluster implementation. The diagram should depict the following:


◦ All nodes of the cluster


◦ LAN connection


◦ Storage connection points and all redundant connections



◦ IP addressing schemes for public and private network connections

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