Discussion 1:

"Validating Your Work" Please respond to the following:

  • Describe attribute minimization. Explain what would happen if you tried to validate a page containing instances of attribute minimization. Propose a solution to this problem.
  • There are many reasons to validate your Web design. Select one of these reasons and discuss its importance. 


Discussion 2:

"Understanding Validation" Please respond to the following:


  • From the e-Activity, (Go to W3C's Website, located at, and review at a minimum, the introduction to XML. Next, use the Internet to research the reasons that an organization might use XML )identify a business of your choice (school, bank, law office, travel agency, pet store, retail store, etc.) and explain how the use of XML could prove to be beneficial.
  • This week covered validation and the use of validators. Describe at least two other techniques for validating your document that does not involve submitting it through an online validator.
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