CIS105 Homework




Q1: Define “artificial intelligence” and describe the range of techniques and applications. Explain the pros and cons of various knowledge representation methods.

Suppose a research built a robot that acted exactly like an insect, like a cockroach. Would that count as “intelligent?” What if it acted exactly like a cocker spaniel? (At least 100 Word)


Q2: Describe the issues faced by video game graphics rendering

Explain the purpose and function of a GPU. List and explain other techniques used for real-time graphics. (At least 100 Word)


Q3: Describe how MMOGs work, and the particular challenges they face. Explain how virtual communities like Second Life operate as MMOGs. (At least 100 Word)







Write a 2 page research paper (excluding the title and reference pages) on artificial intelligence.  Use three resources (Wikipedia sources are not permitted) and list each resource used at the end of the paper in the reference list section. 

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