CIS: Internet Security Research Paper


Internet Security Research Paper


As an individual preparing the paper, you need to have a minimum of 2 full pages; single space with font size of 12. Using pictures as part of your paper is encouraged but it will not be counted as text.  Again, these are just the minimum requirements and your paper can be longer. You need to spell check your paper and use proper and polished English. You will also prepare a cover page containing the title of the paper, your name and other design elements. Your research paper will have another extra page at the end listing your resources. You must use and list at least 3 different resources. You will submit your research paper as an email attachment as a Microsoft Word file before the deadline.

You can conduct a research on topics related to networks, larger computers (be specific) and wireless technologies. The first place to check in order to get ideas about the subject of your paper is your text book and its associated Web site.

original work, please do the work cited.


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