CIS 515 Week 1 Discussion Questions

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Discussion 1


"Planning Database Design" Please respond to the following:

The proper implementation of a database is essential to the success of the data performance functions of an organization.  Identify and evaluate at least three considerations that one must plan for when designing a database. 


Suggest at least two types of databases that would be useful for small businesses, two types for regional level organizations and two types for internationally wide companies. Include your rationale for each suggestion.


Discussion 2


"Database Modeling" Please respond to the following:

Following a data model is important in the planning of a database system.  Evaluate at least two classic models that are used in providing structure for database solutions.


Compare and contrast the effectiveness of classic models and recently evolved models such as Big Data and NoSQL. Give your opinion on which type of model is more effective and why.


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    CIS 515 Week 1 Discussion Questions

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