CIS 355A Course Project



1       Scenario. 1

2       Requirements2

3       Design and Coding Requirements3

4       Deliverables3

5       Grading Rubric4


1      Scenario

You are a Software Developer working for large company called Widgets Galore with over 1000 employees and Widgets Galore is made up of the following divisions:

1.    Communications and Marketing

2.    Sales

3.    Distribution and Warehousing

4.    Contracting and Legal

5.    Information Technology

The company is sorely in need of a lightweight Information Technology Service Catalog.  A service catalog is an organized and managed collection of any and all business and information technology related services that can be performed by, for, or within an enterprise. 

The company Chief Executive Officer, wants IT to create a working prototype of a Service Catalog that can be used to demonstrate the usefulness of a Service Catalog and once tested, the CEO then would like the data collected to be stored in such a format that it can be imported into a fully functional, enterprise level service catalog application.

Your Chief Information Officer (CIO) has tasked you with creating Service Catalog prototype.

As an example, the IT department offers WI-FI service throughout the all the companies buildings.  Then the WI-FI service catalog entries may look something like:


Service Name



Cost ($)


WI-FI Access Problems

User unable to access WI-FI




Network Jack

Need network jack installed in a room




Install WI-FI access point

Need a new wireless access point installed in a room




2      Requirements

A service catalog is an organized and curated collection of any and all business and information technology related services that can be performed by, for, or within an enterprise.  The service catalog documents the details of each mission critical service the IT office provides the company’s divisions.  The prototype will collect and store for each service catalog item:

1.    Service ID

2.    name of the service

3.    description of the service

4.    service category

5.    cost of service

6.    Software cost to complete the service

The following are individual processing requirements:

1.    There shall be a message that provides directions to the user.

2.    The program shall be a graphical user interface program and include menus that support each operation.

3.    The item name shall not be empty.

4.    The description shall not be empty.

5.    The service category will be a selection of one of the following:

a.    Accounts and Passwords

b.    WI-FI

c.    Email

d.    Hardware

e.    Software

f.     Labs

g.    Business Applications

h.    Security

i.      Network

6.    The required cost can be 0 but no more than 100000 dollars. 

7.    Once all the data is validated, the service item and all it’s data will be stored in the database and the service item information shall be displayed.

8.    Given a service items name, no matter the case, the data store shall be searched and all service item information shall be displayed on the screen.  If an item cannot be found, an error message will be displayed.

9.    Full report of all service items including the item name, description, and total cost of hardware and software, and date of the report.  

a.    The report will be displayed on the screen and written to a text file.

10.Once saved, the report shall be able to be opened and displayed on the screen.


3      Design and Coding Requirements

The following are design and coding requirements that you need to satisfy:

1.    The program design/structure will have a 3-tiered architecture consisting of the following layers:

a.    Business

b.    Presentation

c.    Data

2.    The program will be a graphical user interface with tabs, where each tab contains a separate, logical operation.

3.    There shall be a menu bar and menus that provide access to all user operations.

4.    Coding standards are followed

4      Deliverables

Perform and document the complete development process including:

1.    Design—Due at the End of Week 5

a.    UML Class/Object diagram that shows each class, the class attributes, methods, and relationships between other classes/objects.

b.    Form/Interface Design

c.    Control/Event Analysis Table

2.    Project Code—Due at the end of Week 7

a.    Include all source code files required to compile and execute the program.

5      Grading Rubric


Requirements and Design


Class/Object Diagram correctly reflects the necessary classes


Each class specifies all required attributes


Each class specifies all required methods


Program is decomposed into appropriate modules using 3-tier architecture


Form/Interface design clearly specifies the form and control layout


Control/Event table specifies the control events and maps to the form design


Program Execution


Program directions are provided


Menu bar and menus are provided with all operations provided


Interface is tabbed, with each tab containing a single logical operation


The item name is collected and validated


The item description is collected and validated


Service category is collected and validate to one of the predefined choices


Required cost is collected and validated


Given a service item name, the correct service item is displayed


Full report, including cost roll up is correctly displayed


Report text file can be opened and displayed.


Coding Standards are followed


Program maps to the design document


Project compiles, executes, and test results shows program works as expected.


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