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Choose a culture/region from the list below and include in your paper responses to both of the following questions: Mesopotamians...

Choose a culture/region from the list below and include in your paper responses to both of the following questions:

Mesopotamians keeping ancestral skulls on display in the home Indians burning the funeral pyre on the River Ganges Asians modifying the bones of the dead during “secondary burials” Romans arranging the deceased in visible underground catacombs Medieval Eastern Europeans preventing vampires or other revenants How do burial rituals build identity and strengthen the sense of community for the living? What factors have shaped these customs and values—religious, political, geographical, etc.? Fully develop your findings in a 2-3 page paper, and be sure to format your paper and cite your research sources as per APA guidelines.

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Indians burning the funeral pyre on the River Ganges Name Course Tutor College The ancient Indians believed in the cycle of re-birth and that when a person died, the body was no longer important and it was cremated. They believed that d

body preview (27 words)

ttached is the answer xxx "Choose a culture/region xxxx the xxxx below and xxxxxxx in your paper xxxxxxxxx to both of xxx following xxxxxxxxxx Mesopotamians...".



file1.docx preview (134 words)

Types of Damage in Civil, xxxxxxxxxx & Aerospace Structures

Type of xxxxxx xx civil, xxxxxxxxxx & aerospace structures:-

Investigate the:

(a) xxxxx of damage xx xxx respective structures xxxxxx 3 x 5. xxxx xxxx they tally with xxxx (c) & (d)!]

(b) Types xx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx

xxx xxxxxxxxxx [why xxx those kind of xxxxxxx xxxxxxx

xxx xxxx (if xxx xxxx the xxxx xx xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxx just add xxx



xxxxxxx about the xxxx & xxxxx xx xxxxxxxx monitoring xxxxxxxxxx to xxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx types above. xxxxx xxxx xxxx xxxxx with xxxx (b), (c) & xxxxx


xxxxxx make xx so xxxx xxxx xx xxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx it.

xxxxxxx a xxx of xxx images (preferably xxxxxxxx 6 pages) xxx xxxx xxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxx of xxx contents xx the paper.

xxxxxxx x reference page-7 sources

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Running Head: INDIANS BURNING xxx xxxxxxx PYRE ON TH E xxxxx GANGE1 INDIANS xxxxxxx THE xxxxxxx xxxx ON THE RIVER GANGE � xxxx \* MERGEFORMAT �2�

Indians burning the funeral xxxx xx xxx xxxxx xxxxxx







xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xx xxx cycle xx re-birth xxx that when a person xxxxx xxx xxxx was xx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxx it xxx cremated. They xxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxx at xxx banks of the holy Ganges River xxxx xxxxx liberation of xxxxx xxxxxx xxx xxxxxx son xx tasked with xxxxxxxxxx the body with xxx xxx lighting xxx xxxxx Indians believed that xx the end of life, xxx xxxxxxx problems and xxx attachments are burnt by the xxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx influenced xxx act of burning xxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxx Ganges. They xxxxxxxx in cremation that would xxxx xxxxxxx x xxxxxx’s xxxxxxxxx soul from the physical body. xxx Hindu xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxx x xxxxxx never dies xxx rather people xxxxxxxxxxx and for xxxx reason, death xx xxxxxx

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