Chemistry objective Questions

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1. The velocity of the chemical reaction doubles every 10 °C rise of temperature is raised by 50°C, the velocity of the reaction increases to about

[removed]32 times

[removed]20 times

[removed]16 times

[removed]50 times




2. The rate of a certain biochemical reaction in human body is hundred times faster than when carried out in laboratory. This implies that:

[removed]Ea of reaction is 2RT

[removed]Ea for the reaction in the body is less than Ea for the reaction in laboratory

[removed]Ea of reaction is zero

[removed]Ea can be determined iftemperature is given




3. 20 ml of HCI solution requires 19.85 ml of O.Q1 M NaOH solution for complete neutralization. The molarity ofHCI solution is. [MP PMT 1999]







4. The correct order of C-X bond polarity is

[removed]CH3Br > CH3Cl > CH3I

[removed] CH3Cl > CH3Br > CH3I

[removed]CH3I > CH3Br > CH3Cl

[removed] CH3Cl > CH3I > CH3Br



5. How many grams of NaOH will be required to neutralize 12.2 grams of benzoic acid. [MP PMT 1999]

[removed]40 gms

[removed]16 gms

[removed]4 gms

[removed]12.2 gms

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