Ch. 2.Looking at Movies


Directions: Read and respond to each question in complete sentences.


1.      How and why do we differentiate between form and content in a movie, and why are they relevant to one another?


2.      What expectation of film form can filmmakers exploit to shape an audience’s experience? 


3.      What is parallel editing, and how does it use patterns?  


4.      In what other ways do movies use patterns to convey meanings? How do they create meaning by breaking an established pattern? 


5.      How do the movies create an illusion of movement? 


6.      How does a move manipulate space?


7.      How does a move manipulate time?    

8.      What is the difference between realism and antirealism in a movie, and why is verisimilitude important to them both?  


9.      What is cinematic language? Why is it important how the movies communicate with the viewers?



10.  Why do we identify with the camera lens?

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