Certification Plan

Certification Plan
In this activity, you will submit a professional certification plan.
  • Utilizing the information in the certification slideshow, write a two-page summary identifying at least one professional certification that may play a role in your career.
     Assignment 4: Professional Certification Plan
    The student should show a clear understanding of why a particular certification will
    be beneficial in his/her career development
    Slides 17-19 list some of the major societies and the offered certifications
     Professional Certifications –Add value to your profile
    Federal certification programs include:
    Certified Federal Fleet Manager (CFFM) program
    Certified Materiel Management Professional (CMMP) program
    Certified Personal Property Professional (CPPP) program
    Certified Supply, Processing & Distribution Professional (CSPD) program
    Certified Federal Transportation Manager (CFTM) program.
     Professional Certifications -Add value to your profile
    Association and trade group certifications include:
    Association for Supply Chain and Operations Management (APICS) ----------------------------SELECTED
    Certified Claims Professional Accreditation Council (CCPAC)
    Institute for Supply Management (ISM)
    Institute of Certified Management Accountants (IMA)
    Institute of Management Consultants (IMC)
    Institute of Packaging Professionals (IoPP)
    Institute of Logistical Management
    Professional Certifications -Add value to your profile
    APICS Certified in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM)
    APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP)
    APICS Supply Chain Operations Reference Professional (SCOR-P)
    International Society of Logistics (CPL)
    International Warehouse Logistics Association
    Materials Handling & Management Society (MHMS)
    National Private Truck Council (NTPC)
     NB: The program is Masters of  Logistic & Supply Chain Management (MSLSCM) . Let me know if you have any question. I will need it on Saturday the 4/30/2016
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