Cash flow Statement for a fictitious record label


Write a narrative describing the business you would have opened in the Module Two discussion. Create a fictitious statement of cash flows for the business. This document should outline operating, investing, and financing cash flows. All line items must be relevant to the type of business and aligned according to the correct cash flow activity. The statement of cash flows must be formatted in a professional manner. 


I have already written the narritve so dont worry about that and In my Homework I have $500,000 to start the business of my choice so I started a record label. I need it done by 11 PM tonight right now it is 5:50 pm


I have to invest the following 



Publicist and Internet   $20,000 
Tour and Travel  $30,000 
Radio   $40,000 
Videos  10,000 
Promotions  $50,000 
Production  $10,000 
Artist Advance  30,000 
Recording  10,000 
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