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Submitted by suprni on Fri, 2017-02-17 14:49
due on Fri, 2017-02-17 17:00
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cash flow diagram needed (cost and payment curves)

This is a construciton managment based assignment

Submitted by Aroka on Fri, 2017-02-17 19:47
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xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx

Cash Flow Diagram Months
Total Cashflow
xxxxxxxxxxxx Total Cashflow
xxxxxxJan Feb Mar Apr May Jun xxxxxxSepOctNovDec
Selected Year $1,121 $1,636 $878$853$1,194xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx$1,796
Previous Yearxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx$1,396$1,569$1,043$990$1,323 xxxxxx $1,152 xxxxxx$1,690
xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx x -11.97 x-12.45 %xxxxxx %xxxxxx %xxxxxx x xxxx %xxxxxx %xxxxxx %17.03 x 14.37 x 6.24 x

xxxxxx and xxxxxxxx Table

xxxxxxxx xxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxDATExxxxxxxx AMOUNT
Expenses1/1/17xxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx $9,576.45
xxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Expenses xxxxxxxxx Activity A $4,392.83
Income xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxx xxxxx xxx monthsxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxx 3/31/17xxxxxxxx x $6,862.24
xxxxxxxx3/31/17 Activity C $11,763.84
ExpensesxxxxxxxActivity D $11,490.84
xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx x xxxxxxxxxx
Expenses xxxxxxx Activity x $14,642.75
xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx G$16,702.67
Expensesxxxxxxx Activity x$10,746.29
Expensesxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I $12,222.98
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxActivity x $9,902.47
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxActivity K $13,104.02
Expenses11/30/17xxxxxxxx Lxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxx10/31/17xxxxxxxx x xxxxxxxxxx
Expenses12/31/17xxxxxxxx N $8,934.56
xxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxx for xxxxx 3 xxx xxxxxxxxxxx
Income4/30/17 Bill xxx xxxxx 5 $13,299.02
Incomexxxxxxxxxxx xxx month 4 and xxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx for month 6 xxx 7$26,583.72
xxxxxx 9/31/2017Bill xxx month x and 9$26,632.81
xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx for xxxxx xx xxx xx$22,763.48
xxxxxx12/31/17xxxx xxx month

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