Case Study report,The case study you will need to address is: Dilmah Ceylon Tea: Market Development in Australia

profileRaymond Lee

Word limit: Between 3000 +/- 300 words

Your task in this assessment is to analyse a case study in pairs that provides 

a critique of the issues in the case. It is important to write your case study in a flowing format, 

ensuring the topics raised in any questions at the end of case studies are answered, but 

importantly do not write the case study in a question:answer format.

minimum 8 references list,50% need to be journal or article

in text citation is needed.

Haward referencing.

Your task is to research the following:


For Problem/Issue Identification, you may at least relate to the marketing environment.


For Analysis: Relevant concepts should be:


1.  The Marketing Environment


- SWOT Analysis (Explanation & Diagram)


- Marketing environment (Internal & External)




2.  Whether the market could be segmented


a) If so, who the target market is


b) If not, explain why not


-STP’s (Segmentation, Targeting & Positioning)


3.  How you would manage the marketing mix for this product


-Marketing mix (4 P’s) (Eg: for Product relate to current & new)


 For Recommendation

-Future strategies the company should consider to sustain its market position in Australia 


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