Case study - Eli Lilly - DUE IN 15 HOURS - NO EXCEPTION


Provide a response to Case 22: Eli Lilly & Company—answer the 2 questions at the bottom of text page 224 (last paragraph). Do not "Provide a three year strategic plan..." as outlined in the final statement. In lieu of this question, you are to answer the following questions:

                        Develop the projected financial statements that fully assess and evaluate the impact of your proposed strategy.

                        How are/is the acquisitions/growth financed? Will you increase debt further, or dilute ownership of LLY stock to raise the capital needed?

Therefore, the 5 complete questions you will answer are the following:

1.    Should Lilly acquire various biotechnology drug companies?

2.     How can Lilly best enter global markets, which together comprise less than 50% of company sales?

3.     Develop Projected Financial Statements that fully assess and evaluate the impact of the proposed strategy.

4.     How are/is the acquisitions/growth financed?

5.   Will debt be increased further, or ownership of LLY stock be diluted to raise the capital needed? (Make sure you answer every portions of the question.)

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