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Organization: Coldiron, Hawthorne, EagletonApley, and Thomas PLLC, Lexington KY
Mission: With approximately 450 lawyers, C.H.E.A.T is one of the largest law firms in the Southeast, as well as one of the most technologically advanced. Founded in 1876, the firm is well into its second century of service.
Challenge: As hundreds of laptop-toting attorneys travel across the globe, they expect to get the same level of reliability as with desktop systems. When something goes wrong with a laptop, the IT staff needs to be able to restore the laptop's functionality -- fast.
In the past, the IT department responded to a laptop crash by talking travelers through the restoration process by phone, which often took hours, or by sending a CD or new hard drive overnight. But the firm wanted something faster to reduce the productivity loss for its lawyers.

Your question(s): Using your advanced knowledge of BCP/DRP, develop a backup and recovery strategy for this company that could be implemented regardless of whether the lawywers were in their local office, or out in the field. Somethings to consider: how would you back up the data, what kind of recovery systems should be in place, and that the primary objective of the system would be to get the lawyer's laptop back up and running as soon as possible with minimal loss of data.

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