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I need help with my case study (part 1 and part 2, I couldn't scan together is full case study) please read attached case and follow part 1 instructions. I have added the grading scale so please provide good information. I need my 10 pm central time.



Title: Union Carbide Corporation and Bhopal

Where to find it: Chapter 11, pages 384-394.

Please read the case carefully before starting to work on the assignments. Also, please ignore the questions at the end of the case and see below for questions for each part of the asssignment:

Part I:

  • Write a summary of the case (approximately 100-150 words).
  • Identify (lists) the ethical issues that have arisen in this case. (about 100 words)
  • Explain in detail each ethical issue (e.g. what’s occurred, who’s affected, etc). (about 1-2 pages)
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