Case Study



Prepare an executive summary document that focuses on the cost savings of the outsourcing / contracting process for the business process that you decide to outsource. Your analysis must include the steps below.




  • You need to JUSTIFY your decision for the business process outsourced (e.g., accounting, editorial, photography, publishing, distribution, printing, layout, advertising, editing, articles, etc.); and




  • For the service that you intend to outsource:
    • Establish the preliminary performance targets / level of service that will be required from the selected vendors;
    • Establish the type of contract that you will use for each contract (i.e., fixed, cost-plus, reimbursable, unit);
    • Determine the evaluation criteria you will use to select the preferred vendor(s) (e.g., low price, best value, etc.). [Are there different evaluation criteria for different business units? Why?];
    • Identify the number of vendors that you will select to provide the services to be outsourced (i.e., one vendor for all services versus individual vendors with specific expertise in each of the services to be outsourced); and
    • Construct a timeline that summarizes the bid activities and time duration for each contracting process (i.e., plan purchases and acquisition through select sellers).





Please use HR Recruitment Outsourcing I have started my ideas to help please see below






Please write on HR Recruitment Outsourcing using the following ideas




   Please include Performance targets or level of service




So to establish this, you will firstly provide with minimum qualifications and time limit to the firm that you are outsourcing to. These will be their guidelines and you need to set performance targets in terms of these now your long term targets would be the quality of productivity of your employees in a short term though, you cannot judge the quality and skills of an employee so the short term target can be in terms of the time limit in which they offer recruits to you and when you mention this, you can go into it in detail so like in the quality of their recruits, you can put aspects like turnover rate, achievement and things like that then you can move on to the type of contract now for an employment agency you can have unit contracts where you can pay them a fixed sum per recruit and the sum can be arrived upon based on the level of recruits Then you move on to the evaluation criteria to select the vendor since recruitment is absolutely essential, the firm you choose should be extremely reliable you can judge that by the reputation of the firms and also best value, since this would lead to overhead costs again, you can go in detail by mentioning things like the other firms that use the same recruitment agency to ensure that you and your competitors don’t use the same company or also to judge the quality of the organization based on the other employees it has recruited then the number of vendors you can have multiple vendors to ensure that you have a huge variety of options so you can go with 4-5 vendors I guess, or whatever number you think is right remember you have to give service fees to each of these members before you arrive on the right number and then you can create the activity time line in terms of determining the recruitment required, followed by determining the qualification’s, followed by giving the requirements to the agency and then you can give them say a 4-5 week time period to find recruits and then give yourself a 1-2 week time period to choose from their options








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