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A Documentary Case Study of a Law and Administration Problem

The Mathews v. Eldridge 424 U.S. 319 (1976) case study in Appendix 1 provides an explanation

of the process by which a case works its way through the judicial system and the manner in

which a case is handled in the Supreme Court. Go to

1979/1975/1975_74_204 and listen to the US Supreme Court oral argument, and read the Court’s

opinion. The oral argument is one hour in length.

Prepare a 5-7 page case study on the litigation (not including cover page or bibliography). What

is this case about? What were the relevant policies? Who were the parties? What were their

positions in the case, and why? What were the judicial responses to the issues? Who won and

what did they win? Be specific and cite appropriately. In addition to the textbook and the Oyez

site, use at least one additional academic source from the Barry online library, including a law

review article from Lexus/Nexus.

Notice that you are asked to write a narrative on the case and not a formal legal analysis of the

reasoning used to decide it. The purpose of this assignment is to give you legal research

experience and to familiarize yourself with this case.

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