The final version of your course project is due. Before you submit your case analysis for grading:

  1. Revise your paper to reflect any feedback you have received from your instructor regarding the project draft.



You have a good structure and flow to the paper. However, I would recommend a couple of things.

First, try to develop a more complete SWOT analysis. You have elements of it in your paper. But try to expand on Internal strengths and weaknesses with External opportunities and threats. By expand, I mean try to explain more how they might capitalize on strengths, overcome their weaknesses, take advantage of opportunities, and defend against threats. Then try to demonstrate what specific strengths tie with what specific opportunities as a strategic advantage. This clarity between the SWOT and our recommendations is important.

Secondly, try to expand more on the potential financial outcomes for Yahoo. If they take your strategic direction, where might they expect to see increases in revenues and profits? Explain in more detail the specifics behind their increased revenue and profit opportunities.

Also, don't forget to have at least two charts or graphs in the final paper.

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