Case 1 DSS Consulting case


Students will complete the DSS Consulting case that is attached to the Week 3 Assignments Folder. Please read the document How to Solve a Case Study very, very closely FIRST before completing the case. Your case analysis format should follow the document How To Solve a Case Study. Do not simply regurgitate the case facts. This is not a summary at all, it is an analysis. Instead, analyze the case and offer at least TWO solutions that are not already stated nor implied by the case, itself. This is required and very important. Solutions that you suggest cannot be in the case itself at all. Be prepared to also include updated data/research on the issue, this necessitates outside research on the matter and is also required. Additional research Does Not include ANY of the course reading materials. Students must use other sources. Your entire case analysis should NOT exceed 6 double-spaced pages (not including references). Please open the following attachments

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