Car Buying


 Traditionally, jewelers advise men to spend two months’ salary on an engagement ring for their fiancée. Arnie is shopping for a ring for Sasha, his bride-to-be. If Arnie’s annual salary is $30,000 and he follows the tradition, what will he spend on Sasha’s engagement ring?

2. A hotel at your vacation destination quotes you a rate of $200/night. You find a similar hotel in town for 25 percent less. If you select the less expensive hotel, how much will you pay for a three-night stay?

3. David is ordered to make monthly alimony payments of $1,500 to his ex-wife for three years. How much will David have paid her when the three years are up?

4. Becca’s employer provided her with 75 percent of her salary while she was on short-term disability leave. Her usual monthly wage is $5,000. If Becca was on disability leave for two months, what amount did her employer pay her?

5. The costs of Walter’s funeral were as follows:

Basic services of funeral director: $2,195
Casket: $2,000
Embalming and other preparations
Use of funeral home for visitation: $275
Funeral service: $200
Graveside service: $175
Funeral coach: $200
Limousine for family: $100
Transfer from place of death to mortuary: $125

What were the total costs of the funeral?

6. What is the difference between a car title and a car registration?

7. Explain how leasing a car works and what occurs at the end of the lease.

8. What does pre-approval mean when referring to car loans?

9. What is the single greatest cost of owning a car? What is the second greatest cost?

10. What is a vehicle identification number (VIN)?

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