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Drawing on the Background materials and the information you collected in your SLP for this module, write a 2-page paper discussing the relationship between your organization's strategy and structure. Be sure to address the following questions:


What is the organization's strategy?


What is its structure?


Do the two support each other?


What is the primary outcome of the degree of fit between strategy and structure?


Turn this paper in by the end of this module.


Assignment Expectations


When your paper is done, proofread it (use both spell and grammar checks), and then upload it.


Use information from the modular background as well as any good-quality resource you can find. Cite all sources at the end of your paper.


The following will also be specifically assessed:


Your ability to clearly communicate your understanding of the concepts (i.e., clouding, etc.).


Your ability to link the concepts to the issues of privacy, transparency and reliability.


Length: 2–3 pages, double-spaced.


Thompson, F. (1991). Management control and the Pentagon: The organizational strategy-structure mismatch. Public Administration Review, 51(1), 52-66.


Also read Anonymous (2008) "The Strategy-Structure Mismatch" below:


Anonymous (2008) The Strategy-Structure Mismatch. Accessed 06/16/2008 at:


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