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Human Rights Law Paper: The second part shifts to a consideration of how to improve the protection and promotion of human rights as we move further into the 21st century.  At this point in your research, you will select one human rights area to depict.  Provide the background of the human rights area/issue, the current situation, and recommendations for further promotion of human rights related to your topic.  Also, provide consideration on how we should further protect and promote human rights overall as we move forward.

*Sources for this project should include our UN articles and scholarly articles we are reading this semester, current articles gathered from newspaper (please refer to LibraryPressDisplay through the Lynn Library site at the following address, and scholarly journal sources.

Please refer to The Chicago Manual of Style for proper citation, footnotes and bibliography format.

Consult the following texts:
University of Chicago Press Staff, eds. The Chicago Manual of Style.  15th ed. Chicago: University 


The attatched file is the pre-essay that is on racial discrimination. Please use the same Reference sources for this essay and add quotes 

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