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Single-Subject Designs

The purpose of single-subject designs is to allow teachers to demonstrate experimental control and intervention effects with a single child or a small group of children.  Thus, these designs are ideal for classroom teachers, parents, and others who want to demonstrate the effectiveness of their behavior reduction strategies. 

Review the article “Single-Subject Design” and the PowerPoint presentation “Single-Subject Designs.”  Also view the video ABAB Withdrawal Designs, on how to read the collected data.  Then, read the case study Level C, Case 2 from "Measuring Behavior." 

In your paper: 

  • State the independent variable (IV) and dependent variable (DV) from the case study Level C, Case 2.
  • State the behavior that needs to be changed or treated.  The behavior must be specified as clearly as possible in order for it to be reliably measured.
  • Explain how you can create a single-subject design for this student.  Use key terms as part of your explanation.
  • Discuss how to read data collection charts to determine if your design is effectively managing the targeted behavior.
  • Describe at least three short-term, measurable goals, and one long-term, measurable goal using the data collected in the study to design an ABA change format for Rachel.
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    Case Study

    Read the case study of Mark, located in Level A, Case 1 of The Iris Center’s "Measuring Behavior."

    Using this case study, create a plan that addresses the following:

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