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There have been many research studies indicating whether or not babies are pre-wired for survival. This article describes how they somewhat are and parents are their primary survival tool. From the moment babies are born, their body informs them that they are able to breathe, eat digest. Babies are able to survive on their own, no longer needing their mother’s body to breathe for them.  Each task assures babies that they are fully equipped with everything they need inside to survive and reach their developmental milestones. They have inborn miracle-making resources, such as for imagination and possibility thinking, that seemingly invite us to transcend the physical limits of our nature. Babies may not comprehend it, but they are wired to struggle, to learn, and to engage in processes that make us feel vulnerable and yet expand our reach.

            This article reminds me of the nature vs. nurture theory and the attachment theory. The nature vs. nurture is a theory that researchers are still debating on today. This theory focuses on whether or not human characteristics are affected more by gene inheritance and biology or by the environmental contexts and experiences children encounter while growing up. (Groark, 2014) According to the attachment theory, for successful attachment to occur, an infant needs to develop a close relationship with at least one stable nurturing adult. (Groark, 2014)

            As a professional caregiver, I plan developing a close and personal relationship with every person that I meet. Even though people tend to relocate often, and some feel that you shouldn’t because of that reason, I feel otherwise. You may never know who life you may change just from your presence.

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