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Submitted by breezey7590 on Mon, 2012-01-30 20:04
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can two fractions have a sum greater than 1?

can two fractions have a sum greater than 1?

Submitted by welivnow on Mon, 2012-01-30 21:57
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xxx term xxxxxxxxxx comes from the Latin xxxx xxxxxxx meaning xxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxxx a xxxxxxx xx a xxxxx xxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxx of xxxxx parts. A xxxxxxxx is less than 1 (one) xxxxx xxx can be xx xxxx xx xxx xxx xx xxxxxx x xxx whole, e.g., 99/100. So, two fractions (such xx xx xxxxxx and 5/100=1 4/100) or (50/100 xxx 51/100=1 1/100) can have x sum greater than 1.

xxxxxx or "vulgar" fractions, xxxx xx xxxx 7/5, 3/8, xxxxx consist of an integer xxxxxxxxx xxx a xxxxxxxx integer xxxxxxxxxxxx The numerator represents x number xx equal xxxxx xxx xxx denominator indicates xxx many xx xxxxx xxxxx xxxx xx a xxxxx xxxxxx 3/4, xxx numerator is x xxx indicates xxxx the fraction xxxxxxxxxx x equal parts, the xxxxxxxxxxxx 4 xxxxxxxxx that the whole is composed of x total xx 4 parts, (i.e.,4 equal x xxxxxx

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Submitted by mathejoy on Mon, 2012-01-30 21:43
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Yes. Examples provided.

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xxx x 2/3 = 4/3 > 1

xxx x 3/4 = xxx > 1

4/5 + xxx x xxx > x

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