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This is for a "Health Information Systems" class for a Master of Science in Health Care Administration degree.

Each bullet should have 3 or more paragraphs. No APA format needed. Just answer questions in essay form. due 4/23/16 5pm


"Enterprise Software Systems"  

Please respond to the following:


  • Analyze the use of an Enterprise Software Systems (ESS) in a health care organization with regard to its effects on operational outcomes. Select one of the following applications, and recommend three specific ways that the application you selected can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of a health care organization: supply chain management, customer relations management, and enterprise resource planning. Note: Make sure your suggestion is NOT covered in the textbook.
  • Based on the recommendations that you made in the Part I of this discussion, determine a significant drawback of using the software application in question. Justify your response with one example

"Integrated Delivery Systems"  \

Please respond to the following:


  • Determine a key aspect of a health care facility’s culture that is necessary to support the implementation of an integrated delivery system. Support your response.
  • Make a recommendation for how the use of an integrated delivery system can improve patient services along with each of the four steps of the service model


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