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Module 2 - SLP
The Technological Literacy Critical Narrative

The Session-Long Project builds from your Case assignment. Here you want to extend and expand your Case assignment by including more history of your literacy practices and prior uses to communication technologies. Read Dennis Baron’s piece: “From Pencils to Pixels.” Pay attention to how he describes the history of the pencil and telephone. Consider how technologies you have learned to use were once thought to be cumbersome or would never work and/or how they were received by the general public at their first inception. Think carefully about how you came to learn to read and write and how you came to use communication technology over the years. This essay should be different from the Case assignment in the sense that it should focus more on your history rather than on what communication technologies or literacy practices you are using today. This essay should focus on how those practices were shaped by your family, experiences, education, peers, etc. What was the culture in your home concerning literacy, reading, writing, and technology use? At some schools, students are making videos or creating visual presentations to represent their technological literacy narratives. Be sure to view the optional reading material (there are two videos to watch). Here you will write a four-five page technological literacy narrative.


  • Read Baron’s “From Pencils to Pixels.”
  • Write a four-five page technological literacy narrative

Assignment Expectations:

  • Read “From Pencils to Pixels.”
  • Write four-five page technological literacy narrative that discusses both how you have come to learn to read and write
  • Consider both your present (drawing from your Case assignment) and past experiences with writing, literacy, and communication technologies
  • Cite any outside sources you decide to use
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