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1.     The name of three CAD/CAM software makers?

2.     The price of their software?

3.     What are the advantages and disadvantages of their software?

a.     How easy is the software to install?

b.     Will I need a Product Key (Jump-Drive/Memory Stick)?

c.     Can the software be used in 3D printing applications?

4.     What sort of support do they have for their software users?

5.     Three companies that utilize their software in their day-to-day operations


This paper needs to be at least three pages in length. The paper should have the following.

1.     A table summarizing your findings

2.     At least five headers throughout the paper that answer the five questions above.

3.     An introduction (make sure that there is a header titled “Introduction”)

4.     A conclusion (make sure that there is a header titled “Conclusion”)

5.     A reference page which is not included in the three page write-up

6.     The cover page which is the first sheet of this assignment filled out with your name, which is not included in the three page write-up.

7.     The paper should be formatted using APA 6th edition formatting procedure.


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