Calculation of mean, median, and mode

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Prepare the items below based on the data from two of the questions in the Excel spreadsheet that are ratings based. Create an Excel document with each of the items required below. Please show work.   

•Determine the mean, median, and mode for each of the questions.

•What is the variance for each set of data for each of the questions?

•What is the standard deviation for each of the questions? 

•What is the probability that each event occurs in each of the two questions?



Question #1

An electronic visit or “E-visit” is a secure e-mail portal where you may receive care directly from your physician. You will be given a site address and password and will be able to select from a variety of problems, answer specific questions about your problem, and then receive advice or treatment from your physician or advanced practice nurse. No visit to the office is required. How likely would you be to use this service instead of coming to the physician office for a face to face visit?

Answer OptionsAnswer OptionsNot at all likelySlightly likelyModerately likelyVery likelyCompletely likelyResponse Count



Question #2

How often did you see your primary care physician within 15 minutes of your appointment time? Wait time includes time spent in the waiting room and exam room.

Answer OptionsAnswer OptionsNeverSometimesUsuallyAlwaysResponse Count


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