Problem:  Create an interface that has 2 list boxes for i) the weekly hours worked (containing integer values from 35 to 45 inclusive) and ii) the hourly rate of pay (from 9.50 to 14.00 inclusive, in increments of 0.50).  Your code should calculate each of the following and display the results in separate labels, with appropriate captions:

·         basic pay—hours worked multiplied by rate of pay

·         overtime pay--time and a half is paid for any hours over 40

·         gross pay—sum of the above 2 items

·         tax deducted—up to $350 per week deduct 10%, between $350 and $450 per week inclusive deduct 15%, over $450 per week deduct 20%

·         net pay


Your solution MUST have the following:

·         a load event to initialize the 2 list boxes

·         at least 3 programmer-created methods (that is not the basic methods supplied by C# and .Net)

·         on a separate sheet of paper describe the cases you are using to fully test this program (there should be a test case for each situation that can occur, so at least 5 test cases), and the output you predict your program should produce (then check to see if your program did actually produce that output)


You will need to hand in, for each problem:

·         include the header file information at the beginning of your source code(see Program Header.docx file).

·         a printout of the source code

·         screen shots (use Alt + Print Screen)  demonstrating that all components of this assignment have been completed and are working correctly

·         Include typed or hand written comments for each screen shot to identify what each is showing

·         the sheet of paper describing your test cases including the predicted output for each



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