BUSN520 - Panera Bread" Video Case Analysis

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The purpose of this assignment is to develop and demonstrate your ability to analyze a case, utilizing a valid analysis framework. This assignment will require the synthesis of the video with course concepts from your management text, supported with research citations and references. Complete a thorough case analysis using the Case Analysis Guidelines.

Review the Panera Bread management video link provided above. Then examine the case analysis guidelines which will be the framework for the analysis of the video.

The complete document - Case Study Guidelines - can be found in your weekly materials. Please read the document thoroughly before you begin writing your case analysis!

Your paper should be formatted as follows:

  • Synopsis of the situation (this should be brief)
  • Key issues
  • Identification of one key problem
  • Alternative solutions (2 or more) to the one key problem
  • Selected solution/why it was chosen
  • Your recommendation(s) on how to implement the selected solution

Present your analysis in APA format, using headings and in-text citations, and references.


Due: Day 7 - Use the Assignment Submission Folder    80 points 

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BUSN520 - Panera Bread" Video Case Analysis - Graded 73/80

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