BUSN- Multiple Choice n Essay Questions

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Question 1. Budgeting is a management tool that:
sets up a specific plan to reach financial goals over a specific time period.
measures the incremental costs.
keeps the operational cost.
allows a manager to look for sales.
Question 2
Utility is the ability of goods and services to satisfy consumer needs. Which utility satisfies wants by converting inputs into a finished form?
Form utility
Place utility
Ownership utility
Time utility
Question 3
What is an advantage of sole proprietorships?
Limited liability
Limited financial resources
Ease of employment
Retention of profits
Question 4
The Sarbanes-Oxley Act:
regulates import-export companies.
regulates consumerism.
sets higher ethical standards for public corporations and accounting firms.
is responsible for the environment.
Question 5
What is the statement of cash flows?
Revenue minus expenses
Identifies the firm's uses and sources of cash
Identifies cash reimbursement
The net income of the firm
Question 6
Characteristics of good, high-quality information include:
accurate, relevant, transparent, and timely.
transparent, timely, secure, and understandable.
accurate, timely, understandable, and secure.
easily accessible, transparent, secure, and timely.
Question 7
Which of the following deals with the relationship among individual effort, individual performance, and individual reward?
Expectancy Theory
Theory X and Theory Y
Mc Clelland's Theory
Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Theory
Question 8
Why is a business ethical decision different from a personal ethical decision?
Personal ethical decisions do not affect a business.
Business ethics are consistent, while personal ethics can be adaptable.
In business, your values can come into conflict.
A business decision that is legal but unethical is acceptable.
Question 9
The NASDAQ and the New York Stock Exchange are:
underwriting exchanges.
secondary market exchanges.
investment banks.
primary securities markets.
Question 10
What is the overall sense of wellbeing experienced by either an individual or a group?
Standard of living
The relationship era
Quality of life
Question 11
Stakeholders are any groups that have a stake or a personal interest in the performance and actions of an organization. Which group is cited in your textbook as a business's core stakeholder?
Police officers
Question 12
An organization's purpose, values, and core goals, which provide the framework for all other plans, is the organization's:
code of ethics.
code of conduct.
Question 13
Which part of the income statement measures profit?
Statement of cash flows
Net income
Question 14
What type of a plan describes a business concept while also outlining core business objectives and strategies with a timeline for achieving those objectives?
A business plan
The company vision
A business strategic plan
The company mission
Question 15
Which of the following describes the total amount of money within the overall economy?
Monetary policy
Federal surplus
M1 money supply
Money supply
Question 16
Which of the following is a way to measure the difference in value between U.S. exports and imports?
Trade surplus
Balance of payment
Comparative advantage
Balance of trade
Question 17
Which of the following is a social movement that focuses on the right to be safe, the right to be informed, the right to choose, and the right to be heard?
Organizational culture
Fund rising
Community support
Question 18
What are three factors that indicate the differences in entrepreneurship rates among different countries?
Global competitive advantages, GDP, and trading blocs
Per-capita income, opportunity costs, and the cultural/political environment
International Monetary Fund, government policy, and economic structure
National resources, economic growth rate, and advanced technology
Question 19
Which factor of production involves the physical, intellectual, and creative contributions of individuals in an organization or an economy?
Question 20

Which of the following is the best way to open a verbal presentation?
  Using visual aids to reduce anxiety and speaking
  Involving the audience
  Using frequent humor, even it is not funny
  Spending most of the time speaking rather than asking the audience questions.

Essay part
1. Why is branding so important? What is brand equity? How does brand equity work, and how does a company benefit from a brand name and brand equity? What are the differences between line extensions and brand extensions?

2. What are the ways a firm can obtain short-term financing? Explain.

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    BUSN- Multiple Choice n Essay Questions

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