Businjess plan

Price Strategy and Operation Highlight are within the Prezi.


A. in the sections of b) b. includes development cost(develop new products"tea ice cream/ tea slush -- organic/health oriented/ less sugar")/ start-up cost (interior decoration/ training cost/ machine/ water purification system)/ maintenance cost/ operational cost.
B. More connections with social media, increase exposure
C. Create component on water as a product (eg. FIJI water), image the water as a profitable product.
D. Create stronger brand image
E. Selling tea leaves & tea sets both on line and off line. (expand sales channel)
F. Partnership with health oriented places such as YOGA Place, open in-store service. Which can offer tea drink service in other place, increase market share & awareness, gain more profit. (eg. Starbucks open stores within book stores)
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