Business policy project Google Inc (2010)


How to analyse a case :


Case studies offer descriptions and data of situations, from which you have to:



Step 1. 


Write the introduction to the case study analysis, which outlines the situation, the key issues, why these have arisen and require action.


Step 2: Identify the core problem and analyse the issues underlying the problem (s)

Step 3: What are the present marketing strategies of the company


Step 4: Write about the future direction (guidance) of the company.


Step 5:  Do the Swot analysis


Step 6: Who are the major competitors of the company. What are the company’s competitive strategies to outsmart the competitors?


Step 7:  Is the company financially doing well? Justify your answer.


Step 8.  Summarise the main findings



Step 9: write your recommendation in line with your analysis,%20Strategic%20Management.pdf#page567


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