Business Law and Ethics.


Description: Students will prepare a reflection paper synthesizing their experience with the Ethical Lens Inventory, describing their individual lens, placing it in context of the four ethical lenses, align their position along the rationality/sensibility axis and the autonomy/equality axis.  Students will rely on and identify the concepts explained in the readings and resources, and cite to the various articles provided on the web site. Students will use MLA citation style and write at the MBA graduate level.  The contents of the paper must include, at a minimum, answers to the four questions below.  The paper will be a minimum of 5 pages and is worth a total of 25 points.


Question 1:

Before starting this course, were you aware of the concept of “ethical plurality” - the age old concept, dating back to Ancient Greece, that people may differ on what they view as right or wrong and that there are different ways of managing ethical dilemmas? In what context were you aware of ethical plurality and how did this differ from the concepts as presented in the ELI? How is the concept of ethical plurality useful is addressing ethical dilemmas?



Question 2:

Having completed the ELI and associated readings, describe your understanding of ethical plurality, in particular the impact of rights, responsibilities, reputation, results, and relationships. Integrate examples and explanations from the ELI resource library.



Question 3:

How did the ELI evaluate your core ethical commitments in view of the Four Ethical Lenses? What is your particular lens and associated traits? Provide full description of all categories, including your ethical strengths and blindspots.




Question 4:

Do you believe that your results on the ELI accurately reflect your values? Why or why not? Include substantive recommendations that your personal ELI report provides.



Attached is a copy of my ethical lens inventory that should be used as a part of this paper. Also, the information that should be used in the paper is attached. PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF THERE ARE ANY QUESTIONS



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