Discussion Assignments


1.     Use the Internet to research a few Web pages about email etiquette.  Select one (no more than two) specific rule that you believe is most important in business emails and explain why.  What is your opinion of the use of acronyms [e.g. lol] and emoticons [e.g. :-)] in email or an instant message.


Sidebar:  Who sent the first email?   []


2.     Reports of computer crimes have been in the news for many years. The Department of Justice categories computer crime in three ways:  the computer as a target, the computer as a weapon, and the computer as an accessory.


Watch the four videos that are in the Content and select one video and discuss the issue related to cyber / internet crime presented in the video.   If you can relate that specific issue to a business/industry or personal event, share if you want to do so. 


Last, check in the discussions for which videos have been selected and try to use one that has not been used as often.  Each video should have about 3 - 4 original postings.


Writing Assignment


This short writing is expected to be in your words or paraphrasing of other resources. The use of direct phrases and sentences from resources, even with quotes, is discouraged. Both short writings can be in one document. When saving, use your last name at the beginning of the file name.


Remember to use the written paper guidelines: Name, course, and date. Use 1" margins, double spacing, font size 12 and preferably a sans-serif font, such as Arial, Tahoma, or Verdana. Apply the 4-C's of writing: Correct, complete, clear, and concise.


Short Writing:  Computer Crime and Digital Forensics:   In the Assignments and Exercises, on page 469,  are four assignments.  Select one of the assignments to research.  Write a brief paper to answer the question(s) asked within the assignment that you chose.  Include how the issue involves technology.  Add an additional information of what you learned and your thoughts. 


Internet research should include an appropriate URL citation at the end of the document. Need help?  Use the Purdue Online Writing Lab:


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