Business Exective Presentation




Using the technology solution you proposed in Stage 1 and the technical details you included in Stage 2 (attached documents), you should prepare an Executive Briefing that:


· Briefly describes the proposed solution


· Identifies the hardware, software and telecommunications components of the solution


· Explains how the solution will be implemented


· Incorporates IT best practices and methodologies, explaining how they will be used for the implementation


In addition to the cover slide, your presentation should be 9-12 slides, to include:

· A cover slide with a title, your name and date as a minimum (not included in minimum/maximum number of 9-12 slides)

· 1-2 slides that summarize the proposed solution (hardware, software, telecommunications)

· 2-3 slides that explain the proposed solution components, including a diagram or illustration of the solution

· 1-2 slides that explain the steps required to implement the solution

· 4-6 slides on how IT best practices and enterprise methodologies will be used for the implementation

· Summary/conclusion slide

Each slide should have a title and a limited number of bullet points. The presentation should capture key bullet points and not include complete paragraphs and detailed text.




The bullet points in your presentation will be supported by relevant details in the “Notes” section of the slides. Use the “Notes” area to write what you would say if you were giving this as a presentation. Do not just repeat the bullet points from the slides. Presentations with limited or no “Notes” will receive much lower grades.




The use of at least two external resources is required. Remember to correctly cite and reference all sources. Any direct quotes should be indicated within the slide text with appropriate quotation marks and an in-text citation (however direct quotes should be short and used sparingly, if at all). Complete references for sources should be included in the corresponding Notes section. Paraphrased material can just be referenced within the Notes section of the slides without an in-text citation on the slide. This deviates from APA style but keeps the slides more readable.


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