Business Ethics & Financial Management homework assessments


Need help to solve a Business Ethics and Financial Management homework questions, please include references and where you got the responses, thanks.


Business Ethics Unit IV Research Paper Outline 

One of the requirements for this course is the completion of a research paper in Unit VIII. A research paper is distinguishable from a report by the inclusion of an original thesis. 

The Unit VIII Research Paper will be at least five pages in length and include at least ten references. The topic will be related to content of this course. 

This unit’s assignment is to construct a framework and summary of your proposed research topic. 

Your Research Paper Outline submission must 

 be at least one page in length (not including the cover and reference pages), 

 include an original thesis, 

 describe the approach that you will take to research the subject thesis, and 

 include five references. 



Remember to use APA style for your assignment. 


Financial Management Unit VII Paper 


Using the CSU Online Library and the unit reading assignment, explore the capital budgeting techniques covered in the unit, NPV, PI, IRR, and Payback. Compare and contrast each of the techniques with an emphasis on comparative strengths and weaknesses. Be sure to show you understand how each is applied and used in capital budgeting decisions. Use Microsoft Word to complete your answer. Your paper on comparing techniques should be no less than two pages and any references should be cited using proper APA format. 

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