Write a six to seven page double-spaced essay addressing the case below. 


The case has four Parts: A, B, C, and D.   Each Part is followed by a set of questions. Your paper should thus be divided into four Parts, each with a separate heading: “Part A” or “Part B,” etc.  For each part, write a short, mini-essay addressing all the questions for that Part.  Please number all answers within each part.


Please DO NOT re-write the questions.  You can selectively apply the facts of the case in your answer.  This assignment requires a written essay. Avoid lists.



As you answer the questions, you should refer to your course case readings, articles, black board postings, class notes and discussions, films, websites, etc. Feel free to incorporate any other material that you may have researched. Identify all materials used within the body of your paper. You may also incorporate your own personal experience.

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