Business Ethics Artifact Report



I chose to do the project on the company Chevron...


Business Ethics Artifact Report


Instructions: Select a company that is currently facing an ethical issue. Once a company has been selected, complete an analysis to determine if the organization is meeting its corporate social obligations through an analysis of its selections and execution of its strategy.


Note: The student has permission to change companies no more than once over the course of the semester. The student must identify two choices in case the same company is chosen by a classmate. The instructor reserves the right to choose a company for the student if his/her company has already been chosen.

The report must answer the following questions:

1.     Who are the major stakeholders of the company?

2.     Which factor in the social environment most affects the company?

3.     Include an argument in defense of how the company has or has not performed in a socially responsible manner.


Report specification requirements:

1. The report should be 8-10 typed pages.

2. The report must be written in APA-style.

3. The document should be properly sourced and these sources must be documented. This includes reference page(s) and citations within the paper.


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