Business Communications Test (only if you know them please)



Anya is creating a formal report on whether her company should expand into a new product line. 

Anya's report is 60 pages. She is including an executive summary that is twelve pages long. This is ________.

The National Association of Colleges and Employers reports that employers convert ________ of eligible interns into full-time employees.

In terms of projecting a professional image, which of the following email addresses for a job candidate named Bob Smith would be least appropriate?

A "road sign" on the upper-left or upper-right corner of your slides that indicate the section of the deck, is analogous to a ________ on a word-processed report.

"I oversaw updates of annual editions and developed the concept, format, and look of the new titles." 
The statement mentioned above is a bullet point description of one of Liza's responsibilities at a previous job. Which of the following changes will best modify this statement for describing job duties?

Emerson is preparing a memo report recommending that his company should contract with a particular event planner for an upcoming corporate function. He includes all the pertinent information regarding costs, services provided, and why this choice would better serve the company's needs.

In formal reports and in report decks, the additional information is included in a(n) ________.

When you write an unsolicited cover letter, ________.

It is recommended that you update your status ________ so people in your network are reminded about you and your job search.

During his job search Matt is invited for an interview at a company several hours away from where he currently resides. The job opportunity sounds interesting, but he is not sure that he would be willing to relocate. He should ________.

If you are preparing a report for readers who are not native English speakers, which of the following would be best to include?

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